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Since 2000, our San Antonio, Texas company has been providing inspection services to the utility and oil and gas industries. Our inspectors are the best in the field. We feel very confident that once you've hired our company, you'll never turn to anyone else. Our 40 years of experience means we're able to detect issues before they turn into major problems.


We offer equipment inspection and expediting services for refurbished and new equipment, such as generators, pumps, compressors, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, structural steel, and more throughout North America. We'll ensure that your equipment is up to your standards with our rigorous inspection process.

Don't hire just any inspection company for your equipment inspection needs.

BCD Inspection Services, LLC is going to do a great job for you every time.

About Us

BCD Inspection Services, LLC was established in April of 2000 as a full-service third party inspection agency providing inspection and expediting services to the utility, oil and gas industries. Our work practices and procedures have been developed over the past forty years, taking into consideration our client's needs above all else. We are dedicated to serving our clients and providing them with the very best service available.

Over 40 Years of Experience

BCD Inspection Services, LLC

San Antonio, TX 78261

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